Is everywhere like Salford?

Welcome back to our last term together!

This term we will be looking at different animals, what live in our school grounds? What animals live in the countryside? How is the countryside different from Salford?

We will also be looking at different countries in our role play travel agents and topic work. What countries have you visited? Where would you like to visit? I f you have any holiday pictures at home that you would like to share them please bring them in!

Here are some useful websites:

Where does my sandwich come from?

Welcome back!

This term we will be looking at various plants and food tasting! wher do the ingredients come from?

Year 2 will be looking at what plants needs to survive and what parts of a plant we can eat. Chidren will be learning about Nocturnal animals and why they come out at night! Can you name any?

Where would we find Nemo?

This term is one of my favourite topics!

We will be diving deep into the Ocean and exploring all the different animals! Do you know what the biggest animal under the sea is? We will be looking at animals and their habitats. Children will be exploring the myth The Little Mermaid.. are mermaids real? We will be exploring the different Oceans and seas and designing our own boats!

We will also be going to the Sea Life Centre for this terms trip! Why not visit their website before we go:

What do we know about the world around us?

This term we are exploring our senses!


Children will be looking at our sense of sight by learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and exploring mixing colours to paint. We will also be looking at how blind people live and hopefully have guide dogs visiting us. We will be exploring our sense of taste by trying different foods and taking part in taste tests! Did you know our tongues have over 8,000 taste buds? Children will be looking at how our ears work and making musical instruments, and thinking about what materials are best to use as a blanket. Keep checking for pictures!

Take a look at these websites which link to our topic:

What was it like living at Lark Hill Place?

This term we will be exploring the Victorians! Have you ever been to Lark Hill Place? What was it like? Did you learn anything?

We will be looking at what life was like for victorian children, what jobs did they have? What toys did they play with? We will be looking at transport in the victorian times and how they managed without electricity, do you know?

Our trip this term will be the People’s History Museum, have a look at the website

Here are some other websites which you might enjoy:

Who am I?

Welcome my new Year 2 class! I am looking forward to working with you this year!

This term our topic is ‘Who am I?’. We will be exploring all the things you are good at and what you are better than me at! We will be looking at where we were all born… Were you born in Salford? Exploring why people come and live in Salford. I would love you to tell me where you are all from? or if you have family in a different country?

We will be learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and making delicious fruit kebabs! How do we stay healthy? can you think of any healthy foods? We will be looking at people who help us and what happens to our bodies when we get ill!

Please leave us some comments! Look forward to reading them!

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